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Suffolk County Police Exam

As you may be aware, the Suffolk County police exam is being offered on June 17th.    Just a few talking points about the exam and the position:
The exam is every four years (next exam is on June 17th - registration deadline is April 19th). If you miss this exam, the next exam is scheduled for
  • Age: 19-34 on the date of the exam (veterans can be up to 41 years old on the date of the exam)
  • No residency requirement to take the test (have to be a NY State resident upon appointment - live anywhere in NY State)
  • No citizenship requirement to take the exam (have to be US citizen upon appointment - great opportunity for applicants who are in the citizenship pathway, i.e., Green Card holders)
  • NO college required (only need a high school diploma or GED)
  •   Online application is now open at: Join Suffolk County Police Department (   Application fee is $125. There are waivers available for the application fee (ex. veterans, firefighters, EMTs, Police Explorers, people on public assistance etc). If you don't meet any of the criteria for application fee waivers and still unable to pay for the exam, there are organizations who have pledged to pay the exam fees. EOC of Suffolk is one organization (  Ph: 631-289-2124).   Spanish speakers have priority hiring. When signing up for the exam, there are 2 options: Police Officer and Police Officer (Spanish Speaking). Both exams are in English, on the same date, and there is no additional cost in picking one or the other. If you pick Police Officer (Spanish Speaking), you are placed on a separate list and 10% of every hire will be from that list. Of course, you will have to show your proficiency in spoken Spanish when you are called up (NO reading and writing proficiency in Spanish will be tested).   Veterans receive 5 extra points on the exam (10 points for disabled veterans)   The police academy is 7 months long and you are paid during the academy along with all the benefits.   Starting salary is $43,000 plus benefits. You receive a pay raise every 6 months for the next 11.5 years for a top base pay of $158,000 plus benefits and NOT including overtime. An officer on top pay can expect to receive about $200,000 in salary without overtime.   We currently have a 20-year retirement plan with 50% of pay as your pension. You are not obligated to retire after 20 years of service.   All police officers also receive medical, dental and optical benefits, along with a Deferred Compensation Plan (similar to a 401k).   If you have any other questions, please email or call me at any time. Please see attached flyers and postcards that you can use for your social media.   Thomas Joy  Police Officer Community Relations Bureau Suffolk County Police Department C: 631 910 9953   Recruitment - Community Relations - Headquarters -