- To promote, protect, encourage, and advance interests, activities, and projects that will improve the area in which we live, including the development of a safe, attractive and efficient design and construction of Portion Road (County Route 16) and other public roads.
- To maintain and encourage interest in activities, proposed and actual, of each entity to which we pay taxes whether it be the fire district, school district, town, county, state or nation.
- To communicate approved motions to the appropriate aforementioned political entities.
- To serve the community and individual members as an informational resource in matters of concern to the community such as, but not limited to, zoning, variances, assessments, traffic, lighting, highway maintenance.
The Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization is a non-profit group of volunteers and concerned citizens whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Lake Ronkonkoma and neighboring areas. A main focus of the group is to enhance the safety of Portion Road and promote efficient roadway and land use designs, which will reduce congestion long-term and encourage a diversity of transportation options throughout the communities of Farmingville and Lake Ronkonkoma. The Civic advocates for a road plan that promotes small businesses and is accessible for all users.

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