Our Mission: To promote hometown pride and a sense of community by improving the look and feel of our streetscape.
I want to volunteer to be on this committee!
There are no heroes in the never-ending battle against litter, just volunteers who hit the streets every month removing the proof that there are people out there who didn’t pay attention when their mothers told them to pick up after themselves.

But there is no better way to say, “I care about my neighborhood” than to help keep it clean. And the Civic is there for you; we’ve adopted Portion Road and Hawkins Avenue so you will have that opportunity to say, “I care!”

Just remember to show up next month; we miss you.

The Civic Clean Up Crews meet the first Saturday of each month to pick up litter along Portion Road, from Ronkonkoma Avenue to Morris Avenue, and Hawkins Avenue to the north and south of the Portion Road intersection.

Check the Civic Calendar, at right, to find out when the next clean up takes place.

Questions or comments?

We meet at the southwest corner of Portion Road and Holbrook Road.