Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

The New Arrowhead Community Park

Lake Ronkonkoma residents, community groups, and Civic members participated in this year’s Great Brookhaven Plant-In by planting flowers and trees in the new Arrowhead Community Park.

In the fall of 2005, the Civic was successful in persuading the Town of Brookhaven to purchase the triangular-shaped property, bounded by Pond Road and Church Street (see map below), using Open Space funds.

Since that time, the Civic has worked with the Town to make improvements to the park, such as new curbs, pedestrian crossings, an enclosing fence, and interior pathways.

With all the preparation work now complete, the park is ready to be planted with flowers, shrubs, and trees to become a beautifully landscaped gateway to Lake Ronkonkoma.

Using the triangular shape of the park as an opportunity to celebrate the Native American history of Lake Ronkonkoma, the park has been named the Arrowhead Community Park. (And if you’re wondering if any actual arrowheads were ever found nearby, the answer is “Yes!” and you can see a marvelous collection of them at the Historical Society Museum on Hawkins Avenue.)

So, on Saturday, May 16, community members gathered at the new Arrowhead Community Park to participate in the Great Brookhaven Plant-In. As you can see in the photos below, residents just like you have made a significant impact in their community with the simple act of donating some of their time to improve a once-abandoned parcel of land. But there’s plenty of space in the park and plenty of opportunity to show how much you care. Contact park coordinator, Mark Salzano at to volunteer.

Besides landscaping, the Civic would like to see other improvements to Arrowhead Community Park, such as benches, a community bulletin board, and a memorial plaza with a flagpole. The American Legion has stepped forward and has donated the funds to purchase a flagpole. To raise additional funds, the Civic has started a Buy-A-Brick program for the memorial plaza that will surround the flagpole. For a modest $30 you can purchase a brick engraved with 3 lines of text. Your brick can be an opportunity to memorialize the name of a loved one, record your own family’s participation, or make whatever statement will fit on a brick.
Civic member, Nick Crismali, has graciously volunteered to oversee our Buy-A-Brick program.
You can download an order form from our Downloads page.

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