Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

President’s Message: Our Loss

By George Schramm, Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization President

The year 2010 saw the loss of one of our community’s greatest assets: Bob Molinari, who passed away in November.

Bob, along with his wife, Josephine, were fixtures at many Lake Ronkonkoma events and supporters of many community organizations.

If one of the goals of a life well lived is to strive to relieve human suffering, then Bob Molinari achieved that goal many times over. There is no doubt that humans suffer in so many forms the world over, but it’s not necessary to go off to another part of the planet when there is so much to be done in your own community. Right here in Ronkonkoma, Bob cooked food for those who could not feed themselves, assisted the elderly and veterans in distress, and gave his time to those who needed him. Bob did relieve human suffering, and this world is all the better for it.

Fortunately, and without regard to his humility, his value to the community was recognized during his lifetime. Bob received many awards and was a Ronkonkoma Chamber of Commerce “Heart & Soul” honoree; a title which is so fitting.

It is with great sadness that I write these words, certainly because I miss him, but also because I know he had much more to give, and that even if he lived to be over a hundred his life would still have been too short. But Bob will continue to serve as an inspiration to myself and many others, because he raised the bar very high. For as a veteran he served his country with honor; as a volunteer, he served his community with pride; and as a husband and father, he served his family with devotion. He lived a life well lived, and that is no small feat.