Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Don’t Panic - Be Prepared for Hurricanes

Waiting until the day you may have to evacuate your home, due to a power outage or a natural disaster, is the worst time to discover that you are unprepared. We encourage our members to take an hour one evening to review the list below and plan ahead. It is up to us to be prepared!

1. PEOPLE: Have a plan for getting out of the house and make sure everyone knows it. Have an emergency bag of food and water for your family. Include wholesome snacks and treats for the children: dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter, crackers and granola bars.

2. PETS: Keep pet carriers, leashes, and food readily available.

3. PICTURES: Keep negatives or CDs of pictures in a lock box or copies at a family member's home. Have picture albums in one place ready to grab and go at a moment’s notice.

4. PAPERS: Have all your important papers, such as insurance papers, in a lock box at a bank and only keep copies at the house. This keeps you from panicking. If you have them at home, then put them in a folder that you can easily grab if you have to move fast. Color-code it so you can find it!

5. PRESCRIPTIONS: Take your medications with you. Don't forget the ones that have to be refrigerated like insulin. Have small ice chest and cold packs readily accessible to pack and go. If you have infants, remember their formula or medications.

6. PURSES and WALLETS: This is where you keep your identification, credit cards and cash. Keep a stash of cash for emergencies and grab it. You may not be able to use an ATM in the event of a power outage.

7. PROPER CLOTHES and COMFORT ITEMS: According to the weather conditions, gather up a change of clothes along with outer clothing: coats, rain gear, boots, gloves and hats. If you have an infant, remember diapers. Remember to grab your children's favorite blanket, stuffed animal or toy to keep them occupied and calm.

8. ADDRESS BOOK: This should have all the information you will need to reach friends and family.

9. PHONES and RADIOS: If you have cell phones, always keep them charged up and have a charger in the car or an extra battery. They may not work in the event of power outages, but when power returns you will want to start making calls. Keep a battery-powered radio that is tuned-in to a local station and have plenty of batteries. Also keep an old-style phone handy, one that does not need to plug into an electrical outlet.

10. GAS: Pumps will not work without power, and you cannot leave if your car is on empty. So keep your car fuel tank more than half full. This way you will have gas to drive at least a couple of hours.

11. PATIENCE: This is one of the most important things to pack. Keep it inside of you so that you have a clear calm head. Being patient will make things less stressful. Your children need to see you calm and collected. This will help keep them calm too.