Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Concerned About Local Crime?

A Neighborhood Watch program has proven to be a successful method of reducing the risk of crime. But don’t wait until your neighborhood has problems to participate; establishing a Neighborhood Watch now can prevent those problems from occurring.The Civic can assist your neighborhood in establishing a Neighborhood Watch.
Working together with Suffolk County Police, neighbors learn how to safeguard each other’s homes by observing and reporting. By observing and reporting any suspicious circumstance, neighborhoods actually increase their own safety.
Police cannot fight crime they do not know about. When alert citizens keep them informed, the police are far more effective against crime, and citizens have better protection and safer neighborhoods.
The Civic can help you organize a Neighborhood Watch in your area and it will cost you nothing but one evening. Interested? Contact the Civic President at, or:
- For Ronkonkoma neighborhoods west of Hawkins Avenue, contact the COPE office at the 4th Precinct at (631) 854-8478, or
- For Ronkonkoma and Farmingville neighborhoods east of Hawkins Avenue, contact the COPE office at the 6th Precinct at (631) 854-8670, or