LRCO update: Sachem budget information

The Sachem Budget vote is Tuesday, May 16. Generally budget discussions primarily focus on the rate of increase year over year. And while that’s a very important measure, our members have pointed out that the overall magnitude of the budget should be addressed as well.
Newsday recently reported statistics on the proposed school budgets for Nassau and Suffolk counties. Their data focused on budget and tax rate increase but also included total budget and enrollment. We looked at this data and note that Sachem is very efficient when measured on a total spend per pupil basis. In fact, Sachem is the 10th least costly school district on Long Island. Here are the comparisons:
Suffolk Overall:   $27,531
Nassau Overall:   $28,942
Sachem:              $23,878
Brentwood is the only large nearby district which is less expensive than Sachem at $19,876 per student.  Patchogue/Medford at $23,961 is slightly more expensive than Sachem.  Middle Country is $24,359 and Smithtown is $26,956.
The civic organization will continue to work with the Sachem School Board and Administration so that each dollar spent is spent wisely and a Sachem education is respected.  And we will continue to keep our members informed and updated on school issues.  
Please remember to vote on Tuesday!

There is more information available on the school district's website as well as in a comprehensive budget newsletter: