Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Brookhaven Town Road Paving - Follow Up

As you know, the last general membership meeting of the Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization was dedicated to a discussion of ROAD CONDITIONS IN OUR COMMUNITY. This was part of an ongoing effort by the civic to explore how roads are paved, how is it decided which roads will be paved, and how paving dollars are allocated by hamlet and by council district within the Town of Brookhaven.

Jeff Kagan of the civic’s Executive Board walked us through a presentation of his findings. The slides are at the bottom of this article. Gregg Freedner, also of the civic’s Executive Board, shared how paving over the past few years was allocated across the six council districts in the town. Bottom-line, the data paints a dismal picture - it is clear that the communities within our civic boundaries in Brookhaven (Lake Ronkonkoma, Holbrook, Farmingville, Holtsville) are not getting their fair share of the town’s budgeted highway tax dollars.

After the presentation, there was an extended discussion about these findings. Members were dismayed that it took a Freedom of Information request for Jeff to get the data. There was a great deal of frustration over the lack of responsiveness from the current Superintendent of Highways, Daniel Losquadro, who has not responded to several requests to meet with Jeff. Those in attendance were disturbed by the disparity in road paving projects by hamlet. It is clear that some communities are getting many more paving projects than our hamlets.

Brookhaven Town Councilmen Neil Foley and Kevin LaValle were in attendance and asked for our input about community roads in need of repair so that they might bring them to the Highway Department for attention. They made it clear that the “squeaky wheel” concept is in play and that it is critical that we help them act on our behalf.

So, please let us know as quickly as possible of any streets that you feel are in need of paving work; please send pictures if possible. The civic will compile a list of problem roads and forward on to the councilmen. Forward this information to the civic at its general e-mail address: