Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Understanding Bicycle Lanes

One thing that has been confusing many of us since they were installed on Portion Road are the rules governing bike lanes.
The NYS manual does not cover the regulations for drivers---just rules for bicyclists, who have first priority. When I finally reached a police officer, who was very helpful, she explained that common sense prevails is the main rule. It is up to the driver to exercise full care before moving over into a bike lane to make a turn. You cannot travel long distances in the bike lane and when making your move for the turn you need to operate with extreme caution. The bicyclist always has the right of way. You have to yield to the rider and then move in behind to make your turn. So, if you are making a turn where there is a bike lane, yield to the bicyclist and if there is no bicyclist, enter the bike lane at a responsible place and distance and keep alert.

Come to a Complete Stop
When you come to a red light or stop sign, whether there is traffic around or not, or if the line seems too far back from the turn or fixture, you must stop at the designated line. And it must be a full---down to “0” speedometer reading---stop before you advance. If there is a traffic camera at the intersection, the camera is triggered when the light is red and you don’t make a full stop behind the line. Same is true for stop signs. The fine is up to $80, so take that extra minute and fully stop behind the line.