Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

Lake Ronkonkoma Means Fish

Lake Ronkonkoma is stocked and ready. Are you ready for the challenge of largemouth and smallmouth bass, Walleye, Chain Pickerel, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, White Perch, Carp, and Brown Bullhead?
Here are a few pointers about fishing in Lake Ronkonkoma.
  • As a rule of thumb, it is unproductive to fish deeper than 15 feet in Lake Ronkonkoma because there is seldom enough dissolved oxygen to sustain fish beyond this depth.
  • Lake Ronkonkoma holds large bass but locating them is a challenge due to the scarcity of natural structures to attract these fish.
  • Chain pickerel are extremely rare.
  • The lake also contains sunfish and crappie, though large specimens are not common.

In the last two decades, white perch and yellow perch populations have increased to the point of upsetting the ecological balance of the lake, so to control these species the NYSDEC began stocking the lake with Walleye in 1994.

Anyone over the age of 16 must have a valid fishing license to fish in Lake Ronkonkoma.
Here's how to get one:
For the serious angler, or a great gift for one, NYSDEC offers a Lifetime Fishing License:

For more information visit the NYSDEC website:

Fishing Regulations

Species: Black Crappie
Open Season: All year
Minimum Length: 9 inches
Daily Limit: 15 fish
State Record: 3 lb. 12 oz., Kenneth Kierst, Jig, Duck Lake, Cayuga Co., 4/17/98

Species: Sunfish (bluegill and pumpkinseed)
Open Season: All year
Minimum Length: Any size
Daily Limit: 15 fish
State Record: Bluegill, 2 lb. 8 oz., Devin VanZandt, Worm, Kohlbach Pond, Broome Co., 8/3/92
State Record: Pumpkinseed, 1 lb. 9 oz., R. Kennard Mosher, Nightcrawler, Indian Lake, Hamilton Co., 7/19/94

Species: Yellow Perch
Open Season: All year
Minimum Length: Any size
Daily Limit: 15 fish
State Record: 3 lb. 8 oz., George Boice, Minnow, Lake Erie, Erie Co., 4/28/82

Species: Black Bass
Open Season: First Saturday in June to November 30, and December 1 to March 15
Minimum Length: 15 inches
Daily Limit: 5 fish, Catch and Release only
Note: It is illegal to fish for bass during the period from March 16 through the Friday preceding the 1st Saturday in June
State Record: 8 lb. 4 oz., Andrew Kartesz, Jig & Grub Tail, Lake Erie, Chautauqua Co., 6/4/95

Species: Walleye
Open Season: First Saturday in May to March 15
Minimum Length: 18 inches
Daily Limit: 3 fish
State Record: 16 lb. 7 oz., John Fluder, Mr. Twister Jig, Kinzua Reservoir, Cattaraugus Co., 5/22/94