Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization

WS Commerdinger, Jr. County Park

The WS Commerdinger, Jr. County Park is open.
The WS Commerdinger, Jr. County Park is a 5.7 acre park that lies within the 90-acre Lily Pond Preserve, which is just north of Lake Ronkonkoma.
Elva and Walter Commerdinger always sought to maintain the natural beauty of the area. In honor of the four Indian Tribes, who once inhabited and used the land, they dreamed of protecting its use into the future. The Walter S. CCommerdinger Preservation Society is dedicated to perpetuating that dream and strives not only to preserve and honor the resources of the land but also to celebrate cultural elements of today.
The Society looks forward to presenting Classical Music Performances, Workshops in Native American Life and Organic Gardening Workshops and Meetings, School Projects and many other cultural enriching programs.
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